21 Things That Society Has Forced You To Accept As “Normal,” Even Though They’re Extremely Creepy

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There are many aspects of our daily existence that we all seem to agree are “normal” — but when you take a step back and think about them, they’re actually pretty creepy.


Well, this week, a viral Reddit thread asked the internet to call out the things that seem normal enough…until you stop to think about them. So without further ado, here are some “normal” things that might actually make your skin crawl:

1.“The Pledge of Allegiance. You Americans grow up with that, and you’re all used to it. You have no idea how creepy it looks to outsiders. A whole classroom of children, instructed to mindlessly chant a national loyalty oath every day. Ugh.”


A group of children in a classroom reciting the pledge with their hands over their hearts

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2.“Fathers being overly concerned with their daughters’ virginity.”


3.“When you’re in a place of worship and everyone starts praying out loud together. Just feels very culty.”


4.“The way paparazzi treat celebrities.”


A crowd of paparazzi holding their cameras to their faces

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5.“Family YouTube channels. Just parents putting their child’s entire life on YouTube is so weird to me. Family TikTok accounts too. Anything where the parents try to get their child famous is so weird, creepy, and honestly, just wrong.”


6.“When people post another person’s baby online.”


7.“Touching a pregnant person’s belly. Double creepiness if it’s a stranger asking to ‘feel the baby kick.’ Double again if they don’t ask permission first.”


A hand cupping the belly of a pregnant person wearing a sweater

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8.“When a parent says to a female child, ‘Don’t wear that when [adult male figure] is over.’ That’s such a shitty thing to put in a girl’s head in the first place. Secondly, why TF is this man even coming into your house?”


9.“Having access to all your friends’ locations at any time.”


10.“That map feature on Snapchat…I will never enable that; so weird.”


A woman sitting and looking at her phone in shock

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11.“Having a massive obsession with a celebrity. Like stalking their social medias and having fan accounts dedicated to that particular celeb. I once had a friend who was obsessed with Miley Cyrus.”


12.“That people can be rich enough to be above the law.”


13.“Watching TV for hours. The TV must be creeped out by us staring into its soul for hours.”


A man sitting in bed clicking the remote control

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14.“Whenever I see the word ‘daddy’ in a sexual context, it creeps me out big time. I know it’s common, but it’s still disturbingly deranged.”


15.“Schoolgirl fetishes. Always thought it was too creepy to do.”


16.“Forcing your kids to hug and kiss distant relatives they don’t know at all.”


A woman hugging a small child in the child's bedroom

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17.“When people you aren’t on that level of comfort with try to ask you for hugs with the ‘What, I don’t get a hug?’ tactic. If you wanted to hug them, they wouldn’t have to prompt you for it…”


18.“When couples talk about how incessantly one of them chased after the other before the desired party ‘finally’ said yes.”


19.“Santa Claus. Fat dude sneaking into your house at night to only give the good kids he’s been spying on gifts to continue being good, and you sit on his lap to whisper what you really want? Creepy.”


A child sits on Santa's lap in front of a Christmas tree and fireplace as Santa points to his list

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20.“The default privacy setting in Venmo. I can see the transactions of everyone in my friends list! WTF!”


21.“To me, an audience clapping is strange and somewhat creepy the more you think about it.”


And finally…

22.“When people kiss their family members on the mouth. Normal to them, but really fucking weird to the rest of us.”



You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.