5 Ways, Today’s Abnormal Politics, Produces Unwanted Ramifications

Regardless of one’s personal/ political agenda, positions, preferences, etc, it should be quite obvious, these times aren’t normal! For the first two centuries, of this nation’s existence and history, we elected individuals, to serve, in the highest positions, in the land, whose political positions, were, largely, close to the middle, of the spectrum! In fact, many historians proclaimed, most of these people, fell within, approximately, five percent, of the middle. In 1980, when Ronald Reagan, was elected President, he held several positions, which fell outside that range, but, on many others, his policies were standard. However, when Donald Trump was elected President, in November, 2016, this nation began its path, along unchartered waters, and many historians, believe, we have never witnessed, in this country, the policies, behavior, actions, and/ or, rhetoric, which he has used! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 ways, today’s abnormal politics, will probably bring forth, unwanted/ undesirable ramifications.

1. Tariffs/ trade wars: Mr. Trump has weaponized tariffs, and trade wars! Although, he insists, others will pay for these, the reality is, the American consumer, ends up paying! It is, similar, to a regressive tax, and, largely, harms poorer and middle class citizens, far more than, wealthier individuals. Since, so many items are manufactured in China, the existing tariffs, as well as those, already proposed, to take effect, September 1, will, soon, cause higher prices. It will hit, especially hard, electronics (including cell phones, computers, televisions, etc), automobiles (the vehicles and many parts), and many articles of clothing. Millions of Americans, depend on WalMart, for many of their needs, and, a trade war, and tariffs on Chinese goods, will harm their purchase power. Either this will slow sales (potential – recessions), or raise costs (potential – inflation)!

2. Hate Crimes: Whether, because, his rhetoric, and actions, has enabled those with negative attitudes, etc, or, inspired these responses, etc, we have witnessed, a significant increase in the number, and severity of hate crimes! This includes anti – Semitism, anti – Islamic, etc, behaviors and offenses! It has also, created a sense of fear, for those, wishing to express, their Freedom of Speech.

3. Irreparable harm with traditional allies: While, often, appearing to embrace, some of the leaders of traditional foes, such as Russia, North Korea, etc, and accepting, Putin’s word, over our intelligence personnel, President Trump has also confronted our traditional allies, such as Japan, Germany, France, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, etc. How might this impact, our relations, with the democratic nations of the world, in the future, when our leader, has embraced the Saudi Prince, about potential criminal behavior, even though, our own experts, seem to have little doubt, about his connection, to the murder of a reporter?

4. Traditional American freedoms: What do we stand for, if we don’t put freedoms of speech, the press, etc, as significant necessities? Unless/ until, we prioritize the principles of our Constitution, when it comes to, freedoms, liberty, and justice, for all, we will lose the right, to stand – up, for human rights, around the world!

5. Polarization: The rhetoric, promises, and often – prejudiced/ biased positions of this President, has polarized Americans, in a way, which we have never before witnessed. America will only achieve the greatness, it deserves, when we emphasize, a meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good!

Wake up, America, this isn’t normal! Either, we protect and restore our freedoms, or our way of life, will be harmed, for many years, to come!