6 Best Ways to Deal With Thieves

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One of the worst fears in life is losing sentimental items for being a victim of a robbery with violence.

If we have not yet heard something stolen from us, at least we know of somebody whose valuables were stolen.

There are many categories of theft and before proceeding, I find it fit to shed light on each of them. Have a look;

·       Petty theft or larceny.

Larceny is a minor and non-violent theft where another person takes somebody’s belongings without the owner’s consent.

·       Robbery

Ordinary robbery is taking someone’s property by use of violence or through making threats of violence.

·       Armed robbery

Unlike an ordinary Robbery, an armed robbery is there there is the use of dangerous weapons to take somebody’s property.

·       Identity theft

Identity theft, on the other hand, is quite common on social media where a person unlawfully obtained a person’s identification details and uses them to commit crimes or fraud.

Depending on the type of theft, it can be categorized as a felony or a misdemeanor.

Robbery and armed robbery be classified as a felony. Often the aftermaths of a Robbery may result in serious bodily damage or damage and loss of property.

The only way you can financially protect yourself from the aftermath of a Robbery with Violence is by having an insurance plan.

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Moving forth, let’s look at some of the ways to deal with thieves on and after an encounter.

On the Encounter

1.   Self-defense

At all time, you should be prepared to defend yourself because you never know who you may cross paths with.

You may step in your house and the first thing you bump into is a stranger robbing your home and he’s ready to put up a fight.

Walk around with security gadgets like a mini personal security alarm, or you guessed it, pepper spray.

Owning a gun or a licenced firearms is also a personal security measure.

You will not be legally charged for acts of self defense, as long as there is enough evidence to justify your self defense action.

2.   Smarten Up

You need to be smart, do not run and pick up fights with thieves. It might end pretty badly.

You can find ways to escape or alert your neighbors that someone has broken into your house.

Secretly dialing or sending a message to 911 will also be a good idea, especially where the robber is holding you captive.

Recall all the details about how the person looked like, if you have no home security cameras, this will help the police track the person down if he/she manages to escape.

3.   Call the police

If someone has broken into your home and you’re not quite sure whether the person is out to steal from you, do not approach and confront them.

Alert the police. You may call the police to inform them that you have reason to believe someone is has stolen something from you.

The police will be dispatched to your location and proper steps will be takes thereafter.

After the Encounter

4.   File a report

Whether or not you are able to restrain the thief, it is still crucial to report to proper authorities.

File a report on the valuables lost, give the authorities a proper description of the person.

5.   Claim damages (if any)

Filing a report of stolen property will help you in claiming the damages.

If you are upto date with your property damage insurance, then you can be compensated for the loss too.

6.   Take preventative steps

Remember the old saying, once bitten twice shy. After an encounter with us if you should ensure that you’ve taken all the possible measures to prevent it from occurring again.

7.   Tighten security

If your home was broken in through the garage door, front door, or through the window, install proper locks and other security accessories designated to tighten its security.

8.   Keep your property Out of Reach

Do not leave your property hanging around without anyone watching over them. When going to sleep look around your property to see if there’s anything that can be stored inside the house.

9.   Stay prepared

If you were not prepared for self-defense or you had no protection means on your encounter, you should learn something from it.

Get a guard dog, walk around with personal security alarms, and even teach your children how to defend themselves.