Free Yourself From Wealth, Religion and Politics

Early men were leading a nomadic like. They were hunters and food gatherers. They were as free and as happy as wild animals. Gradually they started agriculture and lived in settlements. When agricultural production increased, the concept of property and wealth came into existence.

With the accumulation of wealth, people became worried for the security of life and property. Because people of one settlement plundered the wealth of other settlements. So people started believing in two powers – one is supernatural power and other is human power. They believed that the source of supernatural power is God and the source of human power is King. Either all people believed in these two powers wholeheartedly or few people forced others to believe and keep faith in them. The later possibility appears to be true. For few people became wealthy and few people became religious leaders or rulers.

Few people who projected a particular God and forced others to believe Him, became their religious leaders. They created different religions and sects centering around different Gods and Goddesses. These leaders lead a parasitic life and assured people that God who is Almighty may protect them.

However people never got protection. So other groups of people projected Kings as powerful men on earth, who may protect life and property of people. These rulers fed on masses by extracting taxes. However people did not get protection. These rulers fought with each other for more wealth, more territory and more power.

In order to increase their domain of power, religious leaders and rulers came closer. Religious leaders sought the help of rulers for spreading religion and rulers took the help of religion for binding masses together. Religious leaders composed epics in praise of ruling class. Indian Ramayana and Mahabharat and even Bhagvat Gita were composed for this. Rulers were described as incarnation of God. Rama and Krishna are worshiped even today in temples.In order to attack other territories, rulers spread racism and religious hatredness. In the last century, millions of people were killed and became homeless because of religion and politics.

The present day religion and politics are no different. Elections are fought on racial, religious and temple issues. Sectarian violence are started. Saddam and Laden are created by supplying money and arms. Again after a period their power is annihilated with more money and arms. By this leaders don’t suffer; only innocent people and soldiers suffer.

At present terrorism is the perfect and fatal blend of religion and politics. Terrorists claim that they are fighting for religion and God. They believe that after death they may enter into heaven. So much prejudice exists even in this 21st century.

So if we shall analyse what wealth, religion and politics has given to mankind, we shall see that it has given only pain and misery. People are not free evenif freedom is enshrined in every Constitution.

One cannot realise spiritual truth, unless one is free and self-dependent. In order to sustain life and to remain self-dependent one should work and earn money. However for a healthy and spiritual life one does not need much earning. For breathing fresh air one does not give money, but for breathing intoxicating air in a theatre or club one gives money. For natural water one does not give money, but for alcohol or beverage one gives money. For sex with wife one does not give money, but for sex with call girls one gives money.

Similarly simple food and comfortable dresses are less expensive. A hut in a countryside is less expensive, but a flat in a posh locality is very expensive. So it can be well observed that what is inexpensive is really good for health and peaceful life.

Similarly religion should be accepted as nothing more than a social identity. What the saints and seers of Ancient India gave us as Spiritualism and Yoga was not a religion or Hinduism. It was for the whole mankind. So we should rise above religion and accept true Spiritualism and Yoga that frees a man from all blind beliefs and practices. Through the practice of Yoga one realises the truth.

A free and spiritual man should not get involved in politics. The aim of politics is to clinch power at any cost. In the arena of politics, political leaders, capitalists, corrupt officials and criminals are one. They talk of freedom and equality, but so far no society in the world has achieved that feet. Every where there is inequality, unemployment, disease and death.