Here’s Why You Need an Attorney After a Dog Bite

When you think of dogs, what comes to mind are the little warm and furry human companions that everyone loves. But beyond that, dogs can be dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC), every one in five dog bite victims needs medical attention. A dog bite can cause severe injuries that take weeks or even months to heal. Besides the associated medical expenses, one’s quality of life may also be affected. If this happens to you, it is wise to get legal help. An attorney will inform you of your rights and represent your interests, ensuring you are fairly compensated. Discussed below are some of the reasons you should hire one.

The Consequences of a Dog Bite Can Be Severe

After a dog bite, you need to go to the hospital for treatment. Dog bite treatment is not cheap. Here are some of the things you may have to pay for depending on the severity of the bite:

  • Ambulance transportation
  • Blood tests
  • Medication such as antibiotics and other drugs
  • X-rays
  • Outpatient physician services
  • Medical devices

These are expenses you had not planned for. In addition, you may also not be able to work temporarily as you recover, meaning you lose income for those days. Because of such consequences, you need someone experienced on your side to ensure you are properly compensated for those damages.

An Attorney Will Negotiate on Your Behalf

It is common for insurance companies to pressure victims into accepting a settlement deal as soon as possible. The challenge with this is that the settlement may not be enough. And if you do not have the legal knowledge, you will not know whether you are accepting a fair settlement or not. An experienced dog bite lawyer who has handled cases like yours before will know what your claim is worth. This ensures that you end up with a fair settlement.

A lawyer Understands Your Legal Rights

Dog bite cases do not happen every day. Because of this, a lot of people do not bother familiarizing themselves with dog bite laws. When this happens to you, you will not know what to do. For starters, there is the insurance company coming to you with a certain amount of settlement. And if you are not aware of your rights, then you will not know whether the amount is fair. Plus, anything you record in your statement can be used against you. In addition, it is easy to make mistakes that decrease the amount of cash you can collect. A dog bite attorney understands the laws governing dog bites and will defend your rights until the end.

Collect the Evidence Needed

You will need to prove that your injuries are severe to warrant the settlement you are asking for. This can be done by evidence. Experienced dog bite lawyers know the kind of evidence needed to support your case. They will talk to witnesses, ask the right questions and get the testimony needed. Besides that, they will also talk to the medical professionals handling your case and get the necessary medical documentation. Doing this by yourself can be tasking, especially if you are yet to recover properly. A lawyer takes this task away from your hands.

Represent You in Court if Necessary

Most personal injury cases get settled outside court. But if both parties fail to agree, a trial may be necessary to ensure you get the compensation you need. In such an instance, the lawyer will prepare you for the trial and represent you in court.

While some people choose to pursue a settlement on their own, it is never a good idea. Working with an attorney increases the chances of a better settlement.