Hiring Houston DWI Defense Lawyer – Your Best Defense For DWI Case

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Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is a serious crime that often results in severe consequences depending upon the situation. Such people are usually the cause of traffic accidents and subsequently take the lives of innocent people. The New York State has provided stricter laws for DWI cases, mainly due to the drastic increase in the crime statistics. Hiring a houston dwi defense lawyer as a defense attorney is ideal if one finds themselves involved in DUI cases.

Possible Charges of a DWI Case in Houston

One of the most severe adversities of being charged with driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated is the possibility of it appearing on your permanent record. The breach of such laws in Houston has severe consequences, with the law becoming more stringent. The charges and penalties have become sterner even for minor or first-time offenses. To ensure minimum sentence in court, a defendant can hire the Houston DUI attorney to represent him in court legally. Some of the consequences a DUI offender has to face :

  1. Suspension of drivers license possibly with no conditional or hardship license
  2. With a previous DWI record, permanent seizure of the vehicle is possible.
  3. Probable jail time up to one year in case of refusal to take the breathalyzer test or in case of a severe traffic accident
  4. A new law being implemented recently, a case where a minor is present in the car while DUI or DWI then the case is treated as a felony

Services Provided by DWI Lawyers:

Following the State laws, a New York DWI lawyer provides his services as a defense attorney for the accused in a DUI case. The lawyers stand by the client through the ordeal from the arrest to bail until the arraignment hearing. After the arraignment, hearing the lawyer presents himself in the court as the client’s legal representative. The lawyer ensures that the defendant is charged with a minimum sentence.

Some of the areas where the Houston DWI lawyer provides his services include the following:

  1. Protect the seizure of the clients’ license
  2. In the case where the license is suspended, they help acquire a conditional or hardship license for their clients
  3. Ensure that the client’s vehicle is not suspended and provide them with legal aid with DMV hearings
  4. To make sure that the client is pressed with minimum charges

Essential Factors that Help the Lawyer in Preparing a Strong Case:

The Houston DWI lawyer must be aware of the case’s ins and outs to present a strong defense in the court. Few of the more essential questions that a lawyer must know the answers to are as follows:

  • Was there a traffic accident, and were there any injuries or deaths?
  • Does the accused have a record of a DWI case in any state?
  • Did the defendant cooperate with the police as far as the breathalyzer test is concerned, and what was the blood alcohol level?
  • Were there any witnesses at the scene of the crime that may help the defendant with his case?

Having answers to these questions can help the Houston DWI lawyer prepare a solid case for the court and make sure that the client suffers minimum consequences.