How to Settle a Lemon Law Claim – With or Without a Lawyer?

It can be a very depressing if you have to take your expensive vehicle for repairs, again and again. Often, even the manufacturers or dealers will not give you the complete service satisfaction, during the warranty period. This is where the state Lemon Law comes to your rescue. Luckily, most of the states have laws that protect the consumers.

Though these laws are contained in the legal code of the state, it can be quite a tiresome job to go though the process, and make a claim under the lemon law. However, you can find guides and tips online, which simplified for easy understanding. Such information can help you file a complaint for refund or replacement. You can do it all by yourself, but with an effort.

What are the problems of handling the case without a lawyer?

Sometimes, it is not possible to reach a solution, especially with the tactics of manufacturers or dealers, who always try to prolong the case. What you need here is assistance from a trusted lawyer, who specializes in the state lemon law.

When you try to handle the case with the little knowledge from the guides, you end up losing the case or getting lesser money, than what an experienced lawyer can get for you. He knows the law thoroughly, and will have already handled many cases like yours. Seeking the help from a lemon law lawyer is the fastest way to resolve the case.

What to look for in your lawyer?

You can look for a law firm with a good track record of handling consumer cases, particularly related to vehicles. Lemon laws are not taught at law schools. It is only by handling many cases that the lawyers become proficient in the field. Without proper legal aid, your claim may simply get prolonged.

If a lawyer wants to take a percentage from your claim, then he might not be the right choice. The refund is rightfully yours, and if he asks for a cut in it, then he is just trying to extract more from you.

As per the law, it is manufacturer who is liable to pay the lawyer, and not the claimant. So, you have the advantage of getting the help of an attorney for free, since most of the experienced lawyers do not take any fee from the claimant. They claim their fees from the manufacturer or dealers.

Make sure you find a lawyer who is willing to study your case in detail before giving his opinion. He has to be a partner in your fight for justice, and help you get rid of the lemon vehicle, and get you the rightful refund, or a replacement.