Lake Humane Society seizes 161 cats in Concord Township

CLEVELAND — On Friday, Sept. 25, Lake Humane Society executed a search warrant in Concord Township at the location known to house “Caroline’s Kids Pet Rescue & Sanctuary.” 

The Lake Humane Society received a complaint from a concerned community member about the conditions of the cats and the facility they were living in. 

Upon entry, the Lake Humane Society Humane Agent and veterinarian observed unsanitary conditions and determined the medical state of a majority of the cats was critical. 49 dead cats were removed from the property and 161 live cats were transported to Lake Humane Society to receive treatment for various ailments such as URI (Upper Respiratory Infection), Panleukopenia, Stomatitis, infestation of fleas and Ringworm.

On Monday, the Painesville Municipal Court determined that there was probable cause for the seizure and the cats were subsequently surrendered to Lake Humane Society. Once the investigation is concluded, the case will be reviewed for criminal charges by the Lake Humane Society Prosecutors.

The mission at Lake Humane Society is to protect animals and build connections between pets and people through advocacy and education. Lake Humane Society is a 501c3 charitable nonprofit organization and operates solely on donations. 

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