Law of Attraction: The Manifestation Timeline

One of the biggest question (if not the biggest) surrounding the whole subject of the Law of Attraction or The Secret, is time; how long does it take to manifest my desires? And if you re-watch The Secret, James Arthur Ray mentioned this phenomenon briefly when people start using the Law of Attraction.

Once someone learns about the Law of Attraction, they become excited about it and they test it out. After a while, they don’t see the result coming (even though in reality, that result is really starting to break through to them), they say to themselves, “you know what, this stuff doesn’t work” and join the haters club.

Clearly there’s a gap of understanding when it comes to the timeline. I believe that a shift is required, when discussing the timeline for manifesting with the Law of Attraction.

Most questions revolve around “how long before I get my dream house?”

Whereas, the most appropriate question to be asking anyone who’s (consciously) trying out the Law of Attraction is, “how much time do I have to invest in the manifestation stages?”

The Three Stages of Manifestation

Manifestation of any kind happens in three serial stages. The emphasis is on the word serial. What does it mean? It means, you have to ABSOLUTELY clear stage one and THEN, you are moving in the right direction.

What are the stages? They are in order; Decision Stage, Persistent Action Stage and Result Stage.

Stage One: Decision – Why Attracting a Car Is Easier Than Attracting Money

Decide on what you want, and stick with it!

Your first job when it comes to manifesting or applying the Law of Attraction is to come to a firm, great decision on what is it that you would like to have in your life?

Upon watching The Secret, I believe that most people then would go out to attract more money into their lives. That’s a good decision. But what would be a great decision for you when it comes to attract more money into your life would be – how much money?

It’s common sense to have a clear precise decision with everything else in your life, so why leave it out when it comes to attracting money in your life? And that is why most people fail when it comes to attracting money into their lives.

Compare that to attracting a car. If anyone were to ask you about getting a new car, chances are your thoughts are more precise. You’ll be telling them the model, year of manufacturing, the color, what gadgets and gizmo that you’d like to come along with that new car.

The reason why attracting a car is easier than money is, you are less likely to change your decision when it comes to a car. Once you’ve decided that it’s going to be a Honda City 2009 E-spec in Alabaster Silver, comes with the Modulo body-kit, chances are you have put in a lot of thought into the car.

Coming back to attract money; initially you wanted to attract $10,000 into your life. After a while, that number changes and it becomes $20,000. Later on, you had another good thought or so and you decided to go back to attracting just the initial $10,000. When you change your mind on your end goal or destination, what you are doing is resetting the whole manifesting process.

What’s worse, you change your mind in Stage Two. It means, you have to start all over again.


Stage Two: Persistence Action – The Non-negotiable Period of At Least 90 Consecutive Days

Here’s another pop-quiz for “The Secret” enthusiasts and haters that are reading this; what did Jack Canfield says he did every morning before he published his world-famous Chicken Soup for The Soul books?

W. Clement Stone challenged him to have a big, great goal. Jack was earning $8,000 a year and so he wanted something really measurable and he declared to Stone that he would like to earn $100,000 a year.

That’s Stage One by the way.

The answer is, every day he would visualize himself already achieving the goal of having $100,000 a year and the kind of lifestyle that he would live with that amount of money.

The emphasis for Stage Two is on every day.Nothing major happened for him in the first 30-days. Four weeks into Stage Two, and nothing happens. What do you think that most of us do? Keep going on? Or just quit?

And what does Jack Canfield and all the other experts in The Secret do? They persistently go at it. And one day while in the showers, an idea came to Jack’s mind about the book that he had written. Six weeks later he would bump into a lady that works for the National Enquirer. Connections were made, one thing lead to another and his book sales started to take off like a rocket!

Stage Two is where the pieces fall in place; the people, the event and the circumstances starts to be attracted to you by the virtue of your daily actions.

Visualize and feel already having what you wanted every day until you have it. And when you get that inspired thought, trust it and act upon it. And, not changing your mind about what you want to have in your life.

Stage Three – Result Stage

This is the part where you achieve your desired dreams and goals. Stage Three will take care of itself, if you take care of Stages One and Two.

The Pitfall for Stage Two

What is the difference between working out or exercising and just thinking about it?

The (major) difference is in the doing part. You thinking about exercising and going to the gym, and you actually doing the lifting, running and crunches are two completely different things.

The same goes to you persistent actions in Stage Two. There is a world of difference between thinking of visualizing and feeling how having that $100,000 and the $100,000 lifestyle, and actually taking the time to really visualize the images of having that amount of money and lifestyle – the car you’re driving, the house you’re living in, the places you go for holidays and such.

One is wishful thinking. The other is persistent action.

2-Minute Summary

Decide on what you really want, and stick with that decision. For at least the next 90 days, for at least five minutes, visualize and feel already achieving your desired outcome. Do this consecutively, without fail. If you break the streak, reset the counter and start from zero again. If you persist for 90 consecutive days, you will have an inspired thought. Trust the thought, act on it, AND continue with your visualization every day. The result will take care of itself if you take care of your decision and persistent action.