Local husband-wife photography team helps lower the save rate for Forsyth Humane Society. | Twin City Talk

The love of dogs has taken on a new meaning for Lauren and Dave Clark, owners of DesiLu Photography.

Not only is the company named after the couple’s dogs, Desi and Lucy, but the pair have partnered with Forsyth Humane Society (FHS) to photograph dogs that are up for adoption after their experience fostering a senior pet.

“Our relationship with Forsyth Humane Society started with us becoming fosters about two years ago,” says Lauren. “We brought home this gorgeous dog that looked a lot like our dog, Desi. Knowing that black dogs are harder to photograph and get adopted, we decided to take her over to our studio to take some pictures of her and sent them over to FHS.”

From there the partnership was born.

Lauren and Dave photograph the pets once or twice a month, helping FHS work toward their goal of increasing the save rate in the community. After each session, the photos are placed on the adoptable pet’s online profile, as well as shared on their social media channels. The photos have also been used on the FHS website and in marketing campaigns.

“Every like, share, and comment helps these pets get seen and hopefully adopted,” Lauren says. “Our hope is that these photos will catch people’s eye enough for them to pause and take a look at these animals that need our help.”

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