Never Mind My Politics, Here Is My Philosophy:

“Do life the best you can with the best profit you can get out of it.” Sure, it sounds a little silly, but is it? I mean, life done the best you can in my estimation means just that: Do life the best you can do it without flinching, playing too many games or fearfully being fragile about it. The ultimate weakness also in my reality is genuine loss instead of genuine profiteering, something I will explain a little bit more into the article, but meanwhile I want to explain “do life the best you can” a little more in detail:

Effort without consciousness ends up the ultimate futility like a vehicle that has all kinds of power but does not have a driver to direct it to where it needs to go. It is almost like saying: why build the vehicle if you do not know what to do with the vehicle? In my opinion and reality, that is most politics and bureaucracy, a giant, powerful vehicle without a driver and going straight toward a wall for a crash every time without exception.

Indeed, if you do the best you can with the best profit you can genuinely get out of it, the direction and impetus becomes genuinely apparent, and if you have the power behind that direction, more greatness and genuine profit to you, you are consciously directed and I do not have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is power without a direction or a genuine purpose though because that profits nobody, not even the supposed recipients of that power, because there is not any consciousness, or conscientiousness. So my philosophy comes down to conscientious consciousness that leads to real power, or else everything is just empty bureaucracy without consciousness, heart or soul. If you want to go down to the bottom of things, without that, you do not even have a reality, let alone a purpose to it all. the purpose and honest reality is what it all comes down to anyway, all politics and argument is just silly, ridiculous and weak anyway. So, never mind my politics, here is my philosophy: “Do life the best you can, with the best profit you can get out it.” The opposite of my philosophy is “Lose, be lazy and coast on through, and fake it until you make it for others or in others eyes be great!” anyway. So, we all have a choice do we not? So, it is a funny thing, though: I keep it real, a little too real for some, but I keep it real, right down to doing what I really want to do regardless of what people “think” because it profits me, makes me happy and makes me feel good or great, right down to my core without harming others and genuinely helping myself. Never mind my politics, here is my philosophy.