Politics of the Rubbish Bin

The subject of rubbish, waste collections and wheelie bins are a common topic in the newspapers and other media. It seems the subject of rubbish bins is a hot topic, but why?

The main problem with rubbish and waste collection is the sheer costs involved. Everything we throw away has to be either stored somewhere until it either rots or degrades, or it has to be recycled and converted into other useful items. And while more and more recycling is taking part all over the country, we still produce million of tonnes of landfill waste each year, the cost of which is crippling councils and local authorities who struggle for space which is in demand for housing, development and business.

While most of us are encouraged to recycle more and more, a lot of the difficulties are a0pften concerned with the various different recycling policies that run up and down the country. Some areas, for instance, will recycle plastics, others cannot; in some towns everything gets thrown into one recycling bin, in others you have to separate you waste into two, three or even more, recycling bins.

But home-owners do not have to leave recycling down to the local authority, increasingly people are taking control of their own recycling and making use of the public recycling bins and bot that are becoming increasingly common on high streets and in supermarket car parks. One of the tools that is helping people take control of their own waste and recycling is the home recycling bin. Interior recycling bins, either separate colour coded bins, or bins with multiple compartments, allow householders to separate their own waste at the point of disposal so papers, metals and glass can be separated and easily disposed off at the appropriate paper, bottle, or can recycling banks.

One of the advantages of taking control of your own recycling is that when more draconian measures are forced through by the local authority, you are better equipped to deal with it, and indeed, if you local council turns up on your doorstep with yet another wheelie bin for recycled material, you will be totally equipped to begin using it.