Rigors of Law School

Law School can be seen as one of the most difficult academic rigors anyone could go through. It is vital for every law student to find someone that can mentor them through these hard times. Whether the student chooses a professor or perhaps a past Law School graduate it does not matter. In The Paper Chase by John Osborn he ironically emphasize the point that the professor is the almighty character that these students really do need to be modeling their lives after him. It is good that Kingsfield’s genius shines through to Hart because his mind was truly sharpened after a year of rigorous studies under his favorite professor.

The academic rigor that Hart displayed to excel was the one thing that stood out to any reader. This issue and lesson of producing good marks in Law School was closely intertwined with Professor Kingsfield’s deriving excellence from his students. Excellence for Hart includes seemingly working every waking hour on his academic pursuits and staying up until one thirty at night covering his materials for the next day. After a slow start in his contracts class with Kingsfield because he was caught off guard with a question, Hart made it personal initiative to come to class the most prepared of anyone to answer any question that could possibly be asked.

He memorized case after case so he could be one of the only students in the class that could confidently speak on any subject after a fellow student slipped up under questioning from the professor. In every class the student interaction can differ between pulling nails and having trouble getting the student to stop talking. Generally the students have to be called on in order to give them the courage to speak yet there are always a few elite students who can openly dictate knowledge to the class that perfectly complements the professor’s lecture.