Are Arranged Marriages Better for Society?

On September 29th, a talk show about arranged marriages was hosted. For some reason, it sparked controversy. A couple of men and most women were upset about being forced to marry someone they didn’t love. Yet, over 50% of marriages fail. That means, even though most couples enter matrimony in the name of love, the fairytale ends with a divorce. If so many divorcees married for love and the majority are divorced, what happened? Is love enough?

For thousands of years, marriages were arranged. It’s a recent phenomenon that most people choose their own spouse. With an arranged marriage, you have the benefit of your parents and grandparents who shop for your mate. They have been watching specific families for compatibility. They would look at family values, attitudes of parents and children, socioeconomic class, ability to manage money, assets, etc. At the least, they would marry their offspring to someone … Read More