Emails reveal Dr. Fauci believes “our society is really totally nuts” for thinking he’s hot

In an effort to do some Important Journalism, reporters have requested Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails through the Freedom of Information Act lawsuits. For 2020 reasons, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Sevices attempted to push off some of those requests until after the election. But a federal judge recently ordered HHS to begin producing thousands pages of potentially responsive records from Fauci other officials about the World Health Organization, China, and the coronavirus. Much of that content will be trickling out about 300 pages per month beginning on Oct. 21, though a few other requests for Fauci emails have been granted. One such request filed by Buzzfeed News’ Jason Leopold resulted in this gem of a correspondence from Fauci to an unknown recipient: “Click on the ‘Cuomo Crush’ and ‘Fauci Fever’ link below. It will blow your mind. Our society is really totally nuts.”

Mike Pence wearing a suit and tie: Dr. Anthony Fauci feeling like all of us

© Photo: Joshua Roberts (Getty

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