How slashed state budgets affect female teachers and public schools

  • Women, especially teachers, are carrying much of the financial burden as states slash budgets and education spending during the pandemic.
  • June Carbone, Nancy Levit, and Naomi Cahn are law professors tracking how the pandemic is affecting women and contributing to inequality in all types of industries, from public schools to hedge funds.
  • They found that the percentage of women working as K-12 teachers is growing, but the diminishing education budget is leading to lower pay and fewer promotions and leadership opportunities. 
  • Providing government assistance to states — also known as countercyclical assistance — and advocating for more federal control over state budgets could help public schools and teachers pull through. 
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States are seeing enormous budget shortfalls because of the coronavirus pandemic, and the consequences for teachers and other public school employees could be dire. At least 640,000 education jobs in state and local

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