RIT’s Carmala Garzione awarded Society for Sedimentary Geology’s William R. Dickinson Medal

A Rochester Institute of Technology professor has been recognized for excellence in research by the Society for Sedimentary Geology. RIT Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs Carmala Garzione received the 2020 William R. Dickinson Medal.

The society’s citation said it awarded this medal “in recognition of Carmala Garzione’s pioneering work in developing stable isotope methods for determination of paleoelevation, her contributions to orogenic history and paleoclimate by leveraging the stratigraphic record, and her energetic leadership and service to the geosciences community.” Each year the medal is awarded to recognize a mid-career research geoscientist who is significantly influencing the sedimentary geology community with innovative work and with a track record of impactful publications, pioneering approaches, and the establishment of an influential research program.

Garzione’s research focuses on the tectonic and climate evolution of sedimentary basins and related mountain belts. Large mountain belts have a significant impact on global climate and geochemical budgets.

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