Pandemic turns dogs into a hot commodity, worrying humane society and breeders

The demand for dogs during the pandemic has been at an all-time high, something that local dog breeders are taking advantage of. 

Though they aren’t yet born, Doodle Trails LaSalle breeder Krystina Rappe is already selling dogs for 2021. 

She’s been selling her standard pure-bred poodles and golden doodles for $1,500, though she said she will be increasing the price so that it’s closer to $2,000. This isn’t necessarily due to the demand, she said, adding it’s because “we feel what we provide is worth it.” 

In Essex County, 15-year-old Karlie Vriesema may be new to dog breeding but that hasn’t stopped her from hiking up the price tag on her pups to match the going rate. 

Vriesema’s Alaskan malamutes are being sold for $2,500 — a price that she says is based off the price other breeders set, due to the demand for a puppy. 

Yet prior to the

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