Nigeria: Building a More Compassionate Society

Abuja — As Nigeria marks 60th birthday, Noah Dallaji urges closer relations between government and civic organisations

This is a momentous time in our nationhood as Nigeria marks 60th year anniversary, having gained independence from Britain on October 1, 1960. Looking back now, it is a milestone. In spite of all the odds, the country has remained a united entity. Nigeria is still a beautiful country with great potential for greatness. It could have been worse but God in His infinite mercy has made it possible for us to witness this event as a united nation. The inherent challenges that have militated against our potential as a nation are surmountable and we would certainly attain the coveted greatness in due time but we must continually work for it.

For now while the adulations and conviviality of our celebrations are justified, one is inclined to advocate the utmost need for a

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