LA’s watchdog rules that ‘secret society’ of cops dubbed the Banditos ARE gang-like

Members of the Banditos are recognized by skull and sombrero tattoos 

L.A. County’s Inspector General’s Office has produced a damning report into a ‘gang-like’ secret society of cops, known as the Banditos, who it claims are protected by a code of silence among officers including L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. 

The Inspector General’s Office launched an investigation into the allegedly violent group amid claims they and other fractions of L.A. cops had operated like gang-sects for years, wielding their influence over co-workers and the public. 

It also came after the sheriff’s department was told to pay $55million in settlements to people who had been victimized by the groups. 

Among claims in the various lawsuits was that the Banditos are ‘a group of approximately 90 deputies who are inked with matching tattoos of a skeleton with a thick mustache, sombrero, pistol, and bandolier’.

In a report released on Tuesday, the Inspector

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