The government’s probably spent more at Trump properties since 2017 than he’s paid in income tax for a decade

The more likely rationale, then, was that the contents of the documents were unflattering. That the president who’d in the past complained about how little Barack Obama paid in taxes had himself paid little to nothing, despite the vast wealth that formed the basis of his qualifications to run for president in 2016. He kept saying that he’d be happy to turn over his taxes — until it came to do so.

On Sunday, the New York Times released the latest in a series of examinations of Trump’s tax history, exploring his filings over the years leading to his candidacy and, then, election as president. The story in short? Trump paid far less in taxes as he was running for president and during his first year in office than most Americans, much less most wealthy Americans. In fact, it seems likely that he only paid a small amount in taxes

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