OP-ED: A society under assault by depravity

Will the loud protests we are hearing now serve as a wake-up call?

A society which cannot protect women from predatory men is a mass of humanity steeped in depravity. When a woman looking for a bag of blood for her ailing husband is lured into a home, to be raped by the man who pretended to come to her assistance, it is a sign of how far we have slid down the scale of social decency. When a husband is bound in rope and his wife is raped by a band of rapacious men in a university area, we know the degree to which we have fallen in self-esteem. 

When a helpless woman is molested, is raped and then stripped naked in public and not a soul comes to her rescue, to her defense, we can only fling dollops of hate at ourselves. Our faces are blackened.

In these

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