Belief in Witchcraft and Its Effect on Society

Belief in witchcraft, spells and other superstitions are widespread. In some places, it is not just something used to entertain children during Halloween; it is big business and it can be life and death.

Belief in witchcraft is a common phenomenon in some developing nations, particularly, Sub-Saharan Africa. This belief has a very pronounced effect on the day to day lives of the believers. Again, it burdens the economies of the societies where the belief is endemic.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, some of the ways belief in witchcraft affects lives include:

  1. How individuals treat one another for fear that evil spirits, spells or witchcraft might be invoked against the offending partner
  2. How people accept or shirk responsibility for mishaps. There is always the witch to blame for any situation even when individuals have literally been irresponsible.
  3. The value people put on their lives. Believers in spells and witchcraft perpetually expect the
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Examining The Effect Of Superstition In Life

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