Partisan Politics: The Enemy Of Effective Governing!

Have you noticed, it often, appears, the politicians, are discussing very similar issues and challenges, today, which we’ve heard, for decades? All we see, is constant, blaming and complaining, alongside, lots of empty promises, and rhetoric, but little movement, towards making any meaningful changes. While they sometimes make a change, what good is it, unless/ until, it’s consistently, for the better, rather than merely, symbolic, or some political gesture? For many years, we elected Presidents, who were considered within about 5% of the so – called, political middle, and, this created, an opportunity, to come to some, meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good! When an issue, which seems to make, as much common sense, as the recent proposal, to protect women, by limiting access to guns, by individuals, convicted of crimes, related to spousal abuse, and similar offenses, will probably, never, even, see the light … Read More