Britons Would Pay More Tax for a Fairer, More Equal Society Post-COVID-19: Poll

By Emma Batha

LONDON, Sept 30 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) — Britons would be happy to pay higher taxes for a fairer, more caring and gender-equal society as the coronavirus pandemic transforms people’s views about the world they want to live in, economists said on Wednesday.

In a major report to be presented to parliamentarians, regional governments, and business leaders, they laid out a radical roadmap for building a “caring economy” that puts people and the planet first.

“This is an idea whose time has come,” said Mary-Ann Stephenson, director of feminist think-tank the Women’s Budget Group, which published the report.

“People don’t want to return to business as usual. We’re calling for a fundamental change in the way we approach the economy. It’s about a vision for doing things differently,” she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

At the heart of the new economy is a recognition of society’s reliance on

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It’s Not the Government’s Job To Make Everyone Equal

Somehow, here in America we have developed the wrong definition of equality.

The true definition of equality means that we all should have an equal opportunity to live up to our highest potential in regard to our desires and abilities.

That doesn’t mean that we all will be equal in stature, financial standing, social standing, etc.

It only means we should be given the equal opportunity to achieve the level of success we desire or are capable of achieving.

We are all born into different life situations with different life paths, for some living a life of simplicity instead of becoming a social or political achiever is all they desire. For them to strive for a successful career in politics or business would be unnatural and against everything they were born to do.

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