California’s Prop. 24 is the right framework for America’s privacy law

Americans deserve privacy online. Currently, Big Tech siphons the data of millions of Americans every minute and sells and resells that data for billions of dollars. Most of us never see a dime from any of that. It’s time to put control of data and privacy rights back where it belongs: with ordinary Americans like you and me.

That is why I support Proposition 24, the California Privacy Rights Act. This initiative builds on the foundation of California’s landmark privacy law, passed by the Legislature in 2018, and will provide even greater data control and privacy protection to Californians if it passes. It includes strong measures, such as the creation of a new consumer protection agency to be a watchdog over big tech, and expands on the tools Californians have when companies misuse their data under the law.

Prop. 24 puts money back where it belongs — in the hands

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