Fratricide Within the Federal Government: How Do They Get Away With It?

Fratricide is recognized as the taking down of members of your own group. Leaders in the Federal Government have committed and gotten away with several forms of fratricide over the last few decades. Federal leaders have taken detrimental actions against their own employees for following expressed organizational goals and missions. Although many employees have sought assistance in combating the offensive actions of their leaders, those employees have often been re-offended by the people to whom they complained (e.g., mediators, lawyers, and judges).

Liz, a Secretary working for the Federal Government, reported several instances of time card fraud. Liz witnessed employees working far less than the 40 hours per week they claimed on their time cards. Liz’s revelation had been quietly discussed by her co-workers years before she recognized the violations. Liz’s leaders ignored her complaints and left Liz in a position where she had to either ignore the violations and … Read More