The Stench, Scapegoating Gays In American Politics

I don’t know about you but when I stick my head out into the winds of American political discourse, I not only get a queasy, noxious feeling, as though something once loved has died unloved, I also feel as though everything is moving backward more rapidly than forward. How is it we have come this far in so many ways and yet seem to be regressing to the point where the pursuit of witches will be the next item discussed by various factions of those meant to be tending to the government? Take, for example, the issue of same-sex marriage that still occupies so much political real estate when the greater concerns should be about our dismal financial collapse and human greed that achieved it.

The central reasoning against same-sex marriage is, of course, couched within religion, espousing that marriage is a ‘sacred institution’ between a man and a woman. … Read More