Cuban entrepreneurs navigate sanctions, regulations, and pandemic


From a restaurant offering take out to a cosmetics company delivering home-made products by bicycle, Cuba’s entrepreneurs – no strangers to hardship – are coping with the coronavirus shutdown in innovative ways.

Except for a few offshore resorts, Cuba’s Communist government has kept its borders shut for seven months to curb the spread of infection and recently placed the capital Havana in lockdown for a second time due to a local surge.

The drastic action has limited deaths from COVID-19 to just 122 on the island of 11 million people, but has all but shut down the vital tourist industry – adding to economic woes from decades-old U.S. sanctions tightened by President Donald Trump.

In Havana’s colonial district, mixing restored historic buildings and urban decay, the once-thronging streets are empty of tourists, and scrawled “closed” signs are on the doors of many shops.

From the outside, David Roque and

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Quiz: can you navigate your way through Hong Kong’s national security law? | World news

Since it was first enacted earlier this year, Beijing’s controversial national security law has impacted politicians, activists, journalists and everyday life in Hong Kong. The law seems to be intentionally opaque, giving the security forces the power to arrest people for a host of ill-defined breaches. Combined with pandemic laws against gatherings, they form a formidable tightening on the city’s freedoms.

Can you navigate your way through Hong Kong’s national security law?

We’ll start off very simply. When was Hong Kong’s new national law enacted?
This one is trickier. When was the law first published in full?
Which one of these items could you be arrested for holding in public?
Which of these slogans or songs are banned?
In which of these scenarios can Beijing exercise jurisdiction over national security cases?
"Attendees from various forces stand next to a banner supporting the new national security law during a flag-raising ceremony to mark China's National Day celebrations early morning in Hong Kong on July 1, 2020. - Hong Kong marks the 23rd anniversary of its handover to China on July 1 under the glare of a new national security law imposed by Beijing."
Hong Kong police have been granted new powers under the national security law. What are they?
"Hong Kong police"
You are an
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Elder Law Attorneys Can Help Navigate Senior Issues

Elder law attorneys assist older or disabled clients with legal issues specific to their stage in life. They help navigate complicated healthcare issues, long-term care options, retirement, estate planning, and much more. While a general practice lawyer may have some knowledge of seniors needs, an experienced and compassionate elder law attorney is the most reliable option.

Following are some examples of the services elder law attorneys provide:

Financial Planning and Asset Preservation

No matter the value of your cash or assets, you do not want to see even one penny go to creditors, the government, or falsified nursing home bills. Many prefer to have a choice in how assets are distributed after death. A qualified law firm can help you decide on the best asset preservation strategies for your economic situation and long-term goals. Some things you will discuss include:

– Avoiding probate expenses

– Minimizing income, estate, and gift … Read More