Miami Nightlife Photos: Rhythm Foundation, Society Las Olas, and the Collection

It’s not easy having eyes all over the scene, being around to take in all the wild visuals at all the worthwhile places in the city. There are, however, those parties and gallery openings where a fortunate photographer can point and shoot. Every week, in collaboration with World Red Eye, New Times brings you a solid recap of all the recent experiences you might’ve missed around Miami. It’s impossible to be everywhere, but, hey, we can try to keep our Eyes on Miami.

Eyes on Miami: Rhythm Foundation, Society Las Olas, and the Collection

D Over the past three decades, the Rhythm Foundation has been a major influence in the development and preservation of our city’s remarkable entertainment industry, contributing to its growth on a local, national, and even international scale. In 2015, the City of Miami Beach awarded the Rhythm Foundation the management of the North Beach Bandshell, a 1,400-capacity oceanfront amphitheater. As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forced venues everywhere

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