San Diego Humane Society nurses orphaned mountain lion cub back to health

San Diego Humane Society wildlife staff is nursing a mountain lion cub back to health after the orphaned animal was found dying near a road in Riverside County.

After weeks of intense care, the cub is expected to fully recover, the agency said Wednesday.

U.S. Forrest Service firefighters stationed near the mountain community of Idyllwild spotted the female cub on Sept. 2. At about 14 weeks old and 10.5 pounds, she was semiconscious, emaciated, dehydrated and weak — and had tremors.

The cub was taken to the local Humane Society’s Project Wildlife center in Ramona, where she was given daily fluid therapy and medications.

Fed ground protein and a milk replacer, the cub’s weight has more than doubled to 22 pounds, according to the Humane Society .

“With each passing day, she becomes more active and responsive, and though she still has some medical issues to overcome from being in

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