In ‘Secret Society Of Second-Born Royals,’ The Disney Princesses Are Superheroes Too

Along with High School Musical and Descendants, The Secret Society of Second-Born Royals may be yet another example of Disney Channel beating Disney’s theatrical departments in the arena of new live-action movie franchises.

The Secret Society of Second-Born Royals was, over the weekend, the most-watched movie on Disney
+, and the second most-watched item behind The Simpsons (yes, The Mickey Mouse Club is in the top three, as always). It’s less broad and patronizing than the first Descendants movie (the sequels got better when the kids took center stage over the vamping adults) but less “This is unlike anything we’ve seen in a while” than that first High School Musical. Moreover, it makes the classic franchise mistakes of A) existing as a glorified TV pilot and B) taking a story that doesn’t need to be a superhero story and turning it

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