Pseudo-Feminism: The New Evil In The Society

Feminism, sexism, fascism, criticism or any ‘isms’ that prevail in this society has an underlying rule. If you misuse these terms, you are bound to look stupid to any imbecile out there. The fraudulent use of powerful words to implement ideologies and rights have recently created a dent in this society. Well, of course, we could push it away as nothing short of a Freudian Slip, but are we really going to be that ignorant?

Who is the better sex? Let us not indulge in that conversation yet, in fact, let us not indulge in that horrendous topic at all. After over grazing on a series of internet debates and mindless brain pickings, I came across a bunch of people who portray themselves as an army of righteous beings striving for the betterment of women in all walks of life. But I spotted a flaw. It was like a virus … Read More