Technical Publication From a Government Perspective

From local government, to central government and beyond, promoting messages has been a key component of technical publications. However, increasingly due to the demise of many “quangos” and bureaucracies the role of governmental technical publications has taken a much lighter role with the exception of defence. For instance, history publications such as the strategic defence reviews of 1997 and 2010 showed how in-depth and strategic analysis is required for unique/bespoke research when assessing a nation’s security composition needs and/or capabilities.

Moreover, the complexity of the SDRs in terms of quantitative and qualitative data meant that it was necessary for highly explanatory research findings and horizon scanning. In all, the SDRs studied the requirements of the three armed services whilst taking into account the role they will play in future combat theatres. What was particularly telling about the 2010 SDR was that its technical publication was criticised for being limited in … Read More