Reward of Politics

“Who will bring up this infant?”

Everybody is whispering each other. The oldest man in the gathering, at last breaking the silence, points at a middle-aged, half-white bearded person and asks him showing much boredom on his face and simultaneously with a quite suspicious eye about the identity of its parents.

An entire serenity and silence is growing quickly among the crowd after the old man’s inquiry.

All, irrespective of male and female, young and old, remain silent. They are looking at each other out of sheer curiosity.

All on a sudden, the wretched dumb, nearly twenty two years old, Bidogdho appears amidst the gathering.

She cannot talk from her birth. Her parents always keep a watchful eye over her. They remain anxious not only about her physical disabilities but also for her flawless beauty. The wicked young boys of the locality often try to seduce her; but cannot dare … Read More