Tax The Rich So The Government Can Help The Poor Pay Attention

The other day, I talked with a left-leaning Bernie Sanders supporter who disliked Clinton and therefore did not vote this time around in the 2016 Presidential Election. He told me we should tax the rich to pay for college for every American, to pay for health care of every American and to give a minimum check to every person who did not have a job. I smiled and said; oh really and he said; “Yah!”

So, I asked him how much did he think all that would cost. He said; “a lot, but if we tax the rich we could pay for it all.” Actually, I explained to him that there were many billionaires but if we took “all of their money” it wouldn’t even run our government for 6-months and then they wouldn’t be rich anymore, they’d be as poor as a family living in the projects, so they … Read More