Sexual Bravado and Sexual Politics Involved in Female Orgasm

We all have vocal chords but that does not mean that everyone can sing or even wants to. Similarly they may all have a clitoris but not every woman masturbates.

Kinsey concluded that around 30% of women are ‘sexually unresponsive’. At the same time because he simply documented what women told him, his report made every woman an authority on orgasm. No one has questioned the biological, physiological and psychological mechanisms that might justify how these orgasms are achieved.

“If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain!” Kinsey found that only some women respond sexually but female orgasm has been redefined today in emotional terms to make it ‘achievable’ by more women.

These are ’emotional orgasms’ because they depend on a loving relationship. Sexual response is subconscious so a woman cannot make a conscious choice to orgasm with one man because she loves … Read More

Evolution, Society and Sexual Dimorphism in Mammals

In 1798 Malthus’ Essay on the principle of Population sowed a seed that was to germinate in Charles Darwin’s mind as the theory of natural selection, published in the Origin of Species in 1859. Malthus had noted that although a breeding pair generally produces a total of more than two offspring, many populations do not grow as fast as this would imply, if at all, Darwin was impressed by the subtlety of species’ adaptations and saw that individuals differed in the detail of their adaptation and thus their “fitness”, i.e. the perfection of adaptations to prevailing conditions. The variation between individuals arose from the mixing of genetic material involved in sexual reproduction, and from mutation, although the connection between these mechanisms and Darwin’s theory was not realized until 1900 when Mendal’s work of 1865 was rediscovered.

Since populations do not necessarily grow, many of the young born must die, and … Read More

Are You in Compliance? California’s Sexual Harassment Law AB 1825

I was speaking recently at a business network meeting when a business owner asked whether she needed to be concerned with California’s new Sexual Harassment law, AB1825. This business owner runs her company with 18 full-time, 20 part-time employees, 8 temp workers, and 5 sales subcontractors who are located in several states.

Requirement: 50 + employees

On the surface it appears that she does not meet the 50+ employee requirement that determines whether she must train her supervisors. Taking a closer look at the law, however, reveals that temporary service workers and independent contractors, regardless of where they are located are included in the total count of employees.

Requirement: Training must encompass all aspects of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.

The training must address retaliation and: sex, race/color, religion, age, and national origin harassment and discrimination. Typically previous trainings did not include these areas.

Another business owner wanted to … Read More