To Improve Your Parenting Skills-Learn The Law Of The Soggy Potato Chip

Experienced parents know that exercising good parenting skills can be very confusing. You have a good relationship with your teen, you treat them with respect, and listen to them when they speak. How do they react; by snapping back at you and being arrogant! It seems that they are trying (and almost succeeding) to sabotage a great relationship and you don’t know what you are doing wrong.

Sounds familiar? If you want to stay calm, undaunted and continue to love your child become familiar with and learn “The Law of the Soggy Potato Chip”.

Psychologist Fitzhugh Dodson wrote in How to Discipline With Love (1977) that children would rather have negative attention than no attention at all, just as children would rather have a soggy potato chip than no potato chip at all. Simply put, the “Law of the Soggy Potato Chip” states that, when there is no choice, the … Read More