Child Molestation in Our Society and a Solution

“Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living in nightmare in the darkness of the soul”. Child abuse is one of those rare topics which are being discussed in our society. This issue has become a catastrophic dilemma at this point in time. Our kids are as insecure as those who are facing armed conflicts around the globe. All kids who get abused in their childhood become mentally destructive souls. They lose their innocence and confidence. They lose their self-esteem and stability. They lose their inner critic to make their parents proud at a very young age. They curse themselves for what has happened to them. They behave like broken souls mimicking adult’s life. As a result, most of them get so frustrated and mentally retarded, that they become abusers themselves. They think that they can satisfy their inner brutal voice by taking revenge. 60% of abusers are … Read More