Why I Love Politics – My Wife Can’t Stand It!

Politics is dirty. Politics is filthy. Yes. Politics is ruthless and not for the faint hearted. It is a game that drains your heart of any grace and soul. It fills it instead with rage and unspeakable maladies. That is precisely the point. Calm and congenial fellows hardly vote – the angry and passionate do!

People often wonder why anybody in their right mind ever wants to be in politics in the first place? I sometimes wonder about that too. In reality, dirty as it main seem, much good in history has been accomplished through politics. Think of the end of slavery in Europe and the America’s. The workers rights and compensation in major world economies. The civil liberties or civil rights and the franchise it is in developed democracies across the globe. This is perhaps why despite the inherent slime, I still find it fascinating to watch endless loop … Read More