Empress Suiko, the Founder Empress of Constitutional Government

Late sixth century and early seventh century were a period of paradigm shift for the early history of Japan. Justice was power earlier than this period in Japan. The Imperial family of Japan also obtained and stabilized its power using military force. They defeated many local tribes and formed unified Japan. When Empress Suiko (554 – 628) became the highest ruler position of Japan, most of Japan was under control of Yamato government. As they did not have any enemy country that was an immediate threat to Yamato government, higher position aristocrats and imperial family member were fighting for political power.

Yamato government needed new concept to reign peaceful Japan. Empress Suiko appointed Prince Shotoku as her regnant. Prince Shotoku decided to introduce constitutional government system from China and sent his mission to then Chinese emperor. Based on the knowledge and experience from the people sent to China, Prince Shotoku … Read More