Office Politics: The Taboo You Cannot Ignore

So, you held your breath, prayed to the higher power and struggled to fit in during high school. The popular and the arrogant got it all, whilst the nice ones merged in the background. Regardless of what happened, you graduated from high school. You escaped the close bound circumference of the seven deadly sins and went to college, worked harder than most. Alas! After those grueling hours of hard work and sleepless nights, you bagged your dream job. And what happens when you are finally there? It is high school all over again. The picture perfect sycophant, the inevitable office head cheerleader, the gloat and of course, the Quarterbacks.

Long story short, office politics is where there is a tension among the co-workers like back-biting, egoism, conflict in interests, difference in each other’s opinion and pure nepotism at times. Office politics is very persuasive. No matter how many times you … Read More