New law calls for task force on addressing ‘the issues of justice and fairness’

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law that moves the Golden State one step closer to paying reparations to black Californians.

Assembly Bill 3121 calls for the creation of a 9-member task force that will make recommendations on whether compensation should be paid, the type of compensation that should be paid out, and who is eligible to receive compensation from the state.

The committee will also be charged with examining the effects slavery still has on the United States and recommending how California can make a formal apology “for the perpetration of gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity on African slaves and their descendants.”

California was admitted into the Union in 1850. In 1852, the state legislature instituted the Fugitive Slave Law, which decreed any enslaved person who had entered California before it became a state were not legally considered “free.”

“California has come to terms with

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