What Makes a Good Duck Painting? The Government Suggests a Hunting Theme

The Fish and Wildlife Service describes the stamp program as a successful conservation vehicle. About 1.5 million duck stamps are sold each year and, as of 2019, they have generated more than $1.1 billion for the preservation of over six million acres of waterfowl habitat, said Aurelia Skipwith, the director of the Fish and Wildlife Service.

“The Trump administration has prioritized protecting our wildlife and their habitats and provided access to some of the most spectacular places available for hunting, fishing, bird-watching, hiking and other outdoor activities,” she said.

After the rule was proposed in January, 708 public comments on the wildlife service’s website included concerns that a mandatory hunting theme “was divisive” and would jeopardize the stamp’s appeal to people who don’t hunt. But the service said that the dominant feature of each stamp would still be required to be a duck or group of ducks, rather than the

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