Preservation Society of Charleston’s Fall Tours about to begin, with COVID-related changes | Features

For more than four decades, the Preservation Society of Charleston’s Fall Tours have been a regular feature of autumn, offering a chance to tour grand historic homes and gardens, but the novel coronavirus pandemic has required some significant changes.

Notably, this year tours that run from Oct. 8 through Nov. 7 will not be taking guests inside homes. The Preservation Society is instead offering “Piazzas, Porches & Gardens Tours” along with a large selection of themed guided walking tours. 

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“We really put a lot of thought into how to handle an educational program during COVID,” said Kristopher King, executive director of the 100-year-old preservation group. “What we’ve really focused on is staying outside.”

“We’re actually able to layer in a lot more history about Charleston architecture and gardens,” he said. “We can really talk about the stuff that really gets us excited — the history, architecture and gardens.”

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