Best practices for tech transformation in government

The pandemic has exposed the importance of technology transformation as a fundamental pillar for reforming the overall workings of government. Governments across the globe more than ever rely on modern technology to manage their priorities like more citizen engagement, improved government productivity, and higher economic growth. 

Moreover, technology transformation will enable governments to do more with fewer investments. 

Technology transformation is about more than selecting, rolling out, and operating the latest technology. It’s as much about process and service design, corporate culture, and regulation. Just making customer experience (CX) more digital does not necessarily improve CX. What makes CX better is making it easier, more compelling, and more effective. This means that: 

  • Government digitization depends on more than technology transformation. In addition to tackling technology transformation, governments must devise the right digital strategy and governance model, attract the right talent, and design more flexible organizational structures. 
  • Technology transformation requires a
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