Pandemic turns dogs into a hot commodity, worrying humane society and breeders

The demand for dogs during the pandemic has been at an all-time high, something that local dog breeders are taking advantage of. 

Though they aren’t yet born, Doodle Trails LaSalle breeder Krystina Rappe is already selling dogs for 2021. 

She’s been selling her standard pure-bred poodles and golden doodles for $1,500, though she said she will be increasing the price so that it’s closer to $2,000. This isn’t necessarily due to the demand, she said, adding it’s because “we feel what we provide is worth it.” 

In Essex County, 15-year-old Karlie Vriesema may be new to dog breeding but that hasn’t stopped her from hiking up the price tag on her pups to match the going rate. 

Vriesema’s Alaskan malamutes are being sold for $2,500 — a price that she says is based off the price other breeders set, due to the demand for a puppy. 

Yet prior to the

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Q & A-Twists and turns in Atlantia’s battle with Italian government

MILAN, Oct 5 (Reuters)More than two years after a bridge collapse killed 43 people in Genoa, the Italian government is threatening to strip Atlantia’s ATL.MI Autostrade per l’Italia of its lucrative concession to run much of Italy’s motorway network.

The dispute seemed to have been resolved in July when the government approved a plan that would see Atlantia pull out of Autostrade to make room for state lender CDP.

But that agreement risks unravelling, after talks with CDP stalled, prompting the Benetton-backed group to launch a competitive sale process for Autostrade.


Under the plan brokered by the government on July 14, CDP was expected to cooperate with Atlantia on the spin-off of its 88% stake in Autostrade to secure control of the business along with allied investors.

The deal, however, did not fully address the financial details and was subject to

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