Trump lowered our taxes. Why so upset that he pays so little to the government himself?

Democrats and Never-Trumpers would convince voters that the “moral character” of a candidate is far more important than whether or not he intends to rob you blind through any one of their wealth re-disribution schemes.

Donald Trump wearing a suit and tie talking on a cell phone

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That’s why the New York Times, along with its assistants at CNN and MSNBC, are trying to turn the latest “explosive” report on President Trump’s financial history into an issue one month before the election. They think it’s far more worthy of your consideration that Trump has done everything he can to avoid paying taxes (as most wealthy people do) than that he actually passed major legislation that lowered the total income taxes that most middle-income Americans pay.

Democrats like the idea of people paying maximum allowable taxes to fund their green schemes and welfare projects, but nobody else wants that. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, a Republican,

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