The Politics, And Realities, Of Impeachment

For, what seems, to many, to be, nearly, forever, many have felt, President Donald Trump, both, in the run – up/ campaign, in 2016, as well as his actions, since, should be examined closely, in order to discover, whether, high crimes, and misdemeanors, have been committed, and, whether, that means, there is a need, to use, the sole remedy, provided by the United States Constitution! At the very least, we should all agree, what we have been witnessing, isn’t normal, and, polls indicate, with the exception of the approximately 35%, which identify, as his core supporters, the level of rhetoric/ vitriol, denying Climate Change, and pitting the wealthiest, and others, against, each other, may not be, in the relevant, sustainable, long – term interests of the nation, and the world. However, the President, and his supporters, state, this process, is simply based on politics, and, there is no cause for impeachment. The Democrats, largely, after, a combination of many interviews, with witnesses, the Mueller Investigation, and the response of Trump, in terms of restricting access to documents, ignoring subpoenas, etc, are convinced, he deserves, to be impeached! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some relevant issues, in terms of, whether this is a necessary response, or, merely, a political one.

1. Mueller Report: Few Americans have carefully, read, and examined, the entire Mueller Report. Because of that, the President’s early proclamation of, No collusion, no obstruction, as well as Attorney General Barr’s summary, before release of the redacted version, separated most Americans into two forces, those who believe in Trump, and those, who believe, he is unfit for the position! In fact, because of the way, much of this, was handled, some wonder, What is he hiding, and why? Doesn’t it make sense, an innocent person, would try to cooperate, fully, to prove, his innocence? Rather, that is not, what we’ve witnessed, and, Mr. Mueller stated, even though, he is not making a recommendation (predominantly, because, a DOJ policy, states, a sitting President can’t be indicted), he referred to the remedies, included in the Constitution, thus, passing – the – buck, to the Congress. Unfortunately, the degree of polarization, and partisan politics, we witness, today, translates to little, being accomplished, in a well – considered, timely manner.

2. Ukraine: While the President and his supporters, state, there was nothing wrong with the phone call (the version in the transcript, the White House, provided), the investigation, seems to indicate, based on the 17 witnesses, there was a great degree of potentially, illegal activities. Blaming the whistleblower, and demanding to see and witness, this individual (although, he is protected by Federal Law, and precedent), and concentrating on the process (although it was, largely, the one, the Republicans, created, 20 years ago), we observed, not a single supporter, defending Trump’s behavior, rhetoric, actions, etc, but declaring, it was a perfect call.

3. Emoluments: Although, this was not, one of the areas, cited, emoluments, is cited, by our Founding Fathers, as a clear and present danger! Whether it is his family’s apparent, business conflicts, or his use of his hotel properties, and charging it, to taxpayers, we have witnessed, many apparent violations, of the public trust!

Wake up, America, because this isn’t normal, in a healthy way, either from the perspective of current needs of the common good, or relevant, sustainable planning, and actions! Although, impeaching a President is a very serious matter, and one, which is not desirable, polls indicate, most Americans believe, Mr. Trump has violated the public trust!