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The homes were positioned round an oval or circular house, about 1 hectare in area, indicating that there was a kraal, (Afrikaans word for livestock enclosure). The villages had been small, consisting of only ten to twenty huts, no less than in the three sites excavated. The sort of settlement is critical because it preceded building in stone, which present evidence indicates that was very widespread on the high veld of the Transvaal within the seventeenth century. 1500 and נערות ליווי even earlier and more remote dates. That the Transvaal was settled from the North, middle and נערות ליווי south, has been one thing that the Nguni/Bakone of contemporary African South Africa have not been privy to. The truth is, the dates of those settlements could even be traced to distant antiquity. Europeans got here to Africa. This is far from the reality so far as archeological research and analysis cited above is exhibiting. Blackburn, close to Umhlanga lagoon, some 15 km north of Durban,(see the Kwazulu section map in the picture Gallery), has been excavated,. It consisted of a village with a dozen or so houses, two of which had been dug up. Built on a circular plan, with a diameter of c.